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Realtime Constant Customer Touchpoint

  • They trust us…
  • They trust us…
  • They trust us…
  • They trust us…
  • Web + Mobile Cross-Platform

    All Capptain features are available on iOS, Android, HTML5, Windows Phone, Blackberry, WebOS and even Samsung’s SmartTV

  • Geo-Engage your Users Realtime Geofencing

    With Capptain, all contextual user data is realtime; geo positioning is no exception and it allows real-time push to engage your user based on his location

  • Improve UX & Quality Realtime User & Device Feedback

    Improve your user engagement thanks to an actionable funnel view of their activity

  • Increase Retention Reach Campain Manager

    Customized and eagle eye targeted campaigns to engage customers, in real-time, based on their past or current actions, even from other devices.

  • Realtime Crash Report Reaching for the stars

    Discover how the app from Le Point, a well known French newspaper, went from 1 star & bad comments to a 4 stars and great reviews, thanks to Capptain’s Realtime Crash Report.

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  • Ad Placement Optimization

    When Advertisement is the key revenue model, the most important objective is how to make it either most visible or where to put it to increase conversion rate Discover how Scimob, publisher of Koalyptus and other great and massively used mobile games, was able to multiply by 5 its ad revenue

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