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IMPORTANT NOTICE — These prices apply to the current Capptain solution and do not reflect pricing of future Microsoft Azure product offering.

Free Dev Plan


All features, for free, forever, up to 100 active users.

Pro Plan

Ramping-up your app, start discovering the power of targeted push.

Analyse the behavior of your users
Unlimited data points
Install referrer tracking
Analytics API access
Access all your analytics and monitor data
Real-time targeted push
Unlimited push notifications
Push impact reports
Real-time usage monitor
Real-time crash reports
Real-time alerts

Premium Plan

Unleash the full power of targeted push with segments and real-time geofencing.

Includes all Pro Plan features, plus:

Segment your users on any custom events
User your analytics history and counters
Real behavior segmentation
Full API access
Access all Capptain data
Create and launch push campaigns automatically
Integrate Capptain with your BI or CRM
Customized dashboards
Fine-grained reporting level
Unlimited dashboards
Real-time geofencing
Define or upload complete POI list
Real-time geolocation matching
Use a real-time push criteria
Premium support
R&D support access
Aggregated apps billing & support