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Engage your users with targeted PUSH

The Capptain solution is a Response Marketing tool that allows Marketers and CRMers of Mobile and Web apps to engage their users and enter a constant customer interaction by Analyzing in details their users behavior, finely Segment their users based on how they interact with the application, and respond by Pushing very targeted messages, announcements, information or offers.

Differentiating from just Analytics or mass PUSH solutions, Capptain combines both into a powerful and realtime tool that reacts to user behavior in milliseconds to deliver the right message at the right time, creating engagement, and the feeling of being taken care of.

Capptain is of course able to deliver the classical ‘welcome’ message or notify non active users, but its true power lies in its ability to create a rich set of use cases ranging from notification of new feature or new content availability that we’re sure will interest the end-user, precise and realtime location based offers to conversion helpers that will boost the proportion of paid users or basket completion.


Simply leverage the Analyze – Segment – Engage paradigm to ensure the users acquired are actively enjoying your application or website


The starting point of effective interaction with your users is to understand their behavior: what they do, what they don’t do, their path or the success of your features.

By integrating Capptain’s SDK into your application, you’ll be able to gather a wide range of information about the interaction of your users with your app or your website.


Capptain shows you in very fine details, all about your users: when they use your application, for how long, how many times, where they come from and even their retention. Whether you use it to manage your server load, correlate marketing actions with user response or check peak usage times for a most effective PUSH campaign, you’ll have all the information you need

Sessions & Screens

Just like users, you’ll have detailed information of all related to sessions and screens, including number of visits, length, distributions and the Capptain exclusive User Path. You’ll be able to understand exactly how your users behave.

Application Events

Capptain’s unique SDK brings analytics to a new dimension by allowing you to define your own events: like knowing when your users shared something, or how long they’ve listened to a podcast, how long they stayed in the shopping cart – there is no limit to your ability to add depth to your analysis. And most importantly this will be the basis for your PUSH segmentation and the key to being able to send very personalized messaged



You’ll be able to check this data as aggregated, pre-calculated over the lifetime of your application, but also in realtime to check the exact current status. This is a very powerful tool for product managers who want to feel their user base: on which screen they are, are there any crashes, what are the events generated by the app?

Capptain also provides an alert mechanism to send you an email or a chat session if certain conditions like a quantity of crashes or users doing a specific action. Very convenient to get some time out of Capptain graphs

The secret to depart from Spammy, mass-notification is to segment and only send the right message at the right person, even if that means drilling down to 1 user. Capptain let’s you do just that. 

User behavior and its history

The segmentation tool builds on the detailed analytics your application sends to the Capptain platform to let you define groups of people based on their behavior in the app. It will let you go back in history and very finely specify the set of actions the user made to qualify for entering into the segment


In addition, Capptain matches users in realtime based on a series of technical information such as his network connection, device type, model, his locale, app version and many other criteria.

Realtime geofencing

Finally our powerful Realtime geofencing tool lets you define regions on a map that will match – in realtime – all users within it to create a fine location based notification

Multiple Segment Criteria Combination

You can of course create a simple 1 criteria segment but Capptain lets you combine all of the above criteria, in s powerful way through AND, OR and NOT expressions, that will be evaluated in milliseconds, every time the user makes an action checking if it qualifies it into your segments.

The PUSH module is the action part of Capptain where you interact with your user, leveraging your analysis and segmentation.

Capptain allows you to define either simple, classical text based notification, or rich, HTML based messages that will create a great user experience. 

System or in-app notification

We support System notifications that will wake up the device even when the app is not running and show your notification. Capptain really ensures they truly embrace the target Device user experience by fully integrating with the operating system function to deliver a message the user will feel comfortable with.

You can also send in-app or in-site PUSH notification, which will be delivered while the user is using your application or even within specific screens of the app. 


Leveraging our own high-speed PUSH platform for in-app message, we bypass Apple, Google or Microsoft’s servers thus enabling a tremendous delivery pace.

Rich Experience

Our HTML5 Push Composer lets you unleash your imagination and create powerful, eye-catching messages